Private driver Olbia Airport

Whatever your needs and lifestyle are, a private driver Olbia airport ensures numerous advantages, travelling in comfort and relax.

Cri Service provides its luxury car rental services planning down to the last details the route to guarantee the high client satisfaction.

Already upon arrival you are sure of entering luxury and reliable vehicles, accompanied by an impeccable private driver of elegance and confidentiality.

The professionalism of an Olbia Airport private driver starts from the welcoming to the destination through best routes and with no stopover.

On a car rental with a private driver, the comfort is ensured since the easy and instant booking procedure, choosing between services provided built around all specific needs.

Entrusting your own either business and leisure travel to Cri Service experienced Team, with a chauffeur at disposal service, is expressed in:

  • Several luxury vehicles at disposal, choosing between Car, Minivan, Minibus and Bus, able to please both solo and group traveller

  • High willingness of private drivers on any customer demand, managing impeccably the unexpected

  • Punctuality, comfort, reliability and discretion at all times, where the customer only has the luxury of enjoying the journey

For more information on your itinerary with a private chauffeur from Olbia Airport contact the Team of Cri Service.

5 five gold stars


Car rental with a driver from Olbia Airport offers several advantages, compared to other transfer solutions, either for leisure and business trips. 

A private driver at Olbia airport is highly skilled, locally knowledgeable and able to ensure an efficient and safe journey.

Car rental services with drivers to Olbia Airport, allow passengers to relax during the route making the experience more enjoyable and stress free.

The choice of a car rental with a private driver makes it certain to reach destinations on schedule with top accuracy.

A private driver from Olbia airport of Cri Service’s luxury transfer services stands out for reliability, grace, and confidentiality.

Each car with a driver from Olbia airport is equipped with all modern and reliable comfort, allowing clients the luxury of relaxing.

Cri Service offers a luxury vehicle fleet to take customers to all destinations in Sardinia providing a comfortable journey in complete safety.


Relying on car rental with driver services from Olbia Airport is the winning solution to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable travel.

The concern of traffic, parking, closed roads, are some of the reasons to entrust a private driver from Olbia airport and represent the most convenient solution. 

Cri Service offers car hire with driver services at Olbia Airport, providing a VIP treatment on board of luxurious vehicles.

The impeccable welcoming at Olbia Airport represents just the starting point of 5 star services provided, regardless of inconvenient hours and delayed flights.

Olbia Airport car rental with driver services presents a range of advantages which go beyond the convenience to not drive:

  • Utmost professionalism, confidentiality and elegance of a private driver Olbia airport

  • A team of professionals always available for every customer need

  • Luxurious cars equipped with every modern comfort

  • The very high knowledge of each location in Sardinia of each private driver, making the journey safer and more efficient



Cri Service ensures its impeccable services of car hire with a driver from Olbia Airport 24/7/365.

The company of car rental with a driver from Olbia Airport provides bespoke services based on punctuality and flexibility.

Each single customer has different needs and specific requests, Cri Service is able to deliver high level services to enjoy a unique experience.

The perfect local knowledge of a private driver Olbia airport can provide useful information on tourist attractions and sights in the area.

To enrich the customer experience and make it more special on board of luxury vehicles of a car hire with driver at Olbia Airport, Cri Service offers:

  • Business transfer

  • Meeting transportation

  • Transfer & Yacht Service

  • Eccelsa Aviation transfer

  • Private Jet and Helicopter services

For those wishing to enrich its own transfer with a touch of elegance and luxury, living memorable moments, just rely on the team of Cri Service.



The service of car hire with a driver in Olbia airport, allows one to travel comfortably and safely reach the desired destination.

The convenience of travelling with a service of Olbia Airport car rental with a driver is to be able to reach all destinations feeling stress free.

The convenience of a car with a driver in Olbia, available for ceremonies, events, conferences, or a simple walk or a day of shopping, is priceless.

Nothing compares to travelling on board a luxurious Mercedes vehicle, driven by a highly skilled private driver in Olbia.

When choosing a Olbia Airport car with private driver the welcoming is impeccable, and punctuality and discretion are only the beginning

All luxury transfer services provided by Cri Service are capable of fulfilling a very demanding audience regardless of the purpose of the journey.

A private driver at Olbia Airport is Sardinia’s well knowledgeable and willing to provide valuable information required by customers.

Transfers by the car hire with driver service in Olbia are performed by experienced staff, elegant and multilingual, ready to any client’ need.

Cri Service meticulously arranges all customer’s transfers, ensuring excellent quality of services, distinguished by luxury and elegance.

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